The EU Agricultural Outlook conference has now become the key annual gathering of European stakeholders willing to engage and discuss the future of agriculture in Europe and the challenges which lie ahead.

The fifth edition of the conference will take place on 10-11 December 2019 and will be opened by the Commissioner for Agriculture.

Discussion on day one will involve high level panellists and focus on Sustainability from farm to fork. Speakers will share with us science developments and initiatives already in place to improve the economic, environmental and social sustainability of production, consumption and trade.

The second day will start with a discussion on the impact of increasing societal demands on food prices. A debate on the outlook for EU agricultural markets (crops, biofuels, specialised crops, meat and dairy) will follow.

Participants will include EU institutions, governments and international organisations, those involved in the food supply chain, market experts, academics, think tanks and civil society. 

We look forward to seeing you on 10-11 December at the 2019 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference in Brussels.